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Games Workshop Pre-Orders - SPACE HULK!

My apologies for not getting this posted up yesterday, I was far too absorbed in Destiny.

Space Hulk is back for a limited time only! SOLD OUT ON GW WEBSITE

Pit the mighty Blood Angels Terminators against a lethal swarm of agile Genestealers in this two player board game. Inside the cramped confines of a derelict Space Hulk known as the Sin of Damnation, the Blood Angels must fight to save Mankind from the alien menace that lies within.

Games of Space Hulk are played on a gaming area made up of high-quality card tiles which fit together to create the cramped confines of the Space Hulk. Each of the 16 missions included in the boxed game uses a different set-up, or alternatively you can assemble the pieces in any way you like and create your own bespoke games.

The rules to play the game and 16 missions (4 that are brand new) are all contained within two full colour booklets: the Rulebook and Mission Book. There are also 35 plastic Citadel miniatures, including: 11 Blood Angels Space Marine Terminators, 1 Blood Angels Space Marine Librarian in Terminator armour, 22 Genestealers, and 1 Broodlord. Also included are three plastic mission objectives models: a dead Space Marine on throne, a Blood Angels artefact and a Cyber-Altered Task Unit.

In addition to the booklets and miniatures, you will receive a set of high-quality card tiles that make up the gaming board. Included are: 110 gaming counters, 77 corridor and room sections, 2 new boarding torpedoes , a brand new turbo-lift, 20 doors with plastic stands, 1 mission status display, a sand timer and 5 dice.

That was a seriously quick sell out and sorry if you guys missed it. The missions and story book are still available, as is the good ole digital version of the game on Steam, which has been around for a while.

- Darth Sebious


(Source: gladkih)


(Source: gladkih)




Chaos Rhinos belonging to the 14th Grand Company Iron Warriors. 

So, the Warsmith is back in the forge. These were strangely easy to paint. 

Those wondering, the stripes were done using blue, easy to remove masking tape. Cheap stuff, can be bought in any well-supplied DIY store. 

The tape was slightly wider than I needed, so I put some down on my cutting mat and took a knife and a ruler and cut them to the width I needed. Nothing too complicated. 

I painted and highlighted the black bits first (Abaddon Black, Eshin Grey, Dawnstone). The strips were then laid down, trying to space it evently.

The yellow was painted using old Foundation Iyanden Darksun as a base, followed by old Citadel Golden Yellow, Sunburst Yellow and Bad Moon Yellow as a final highlight. As these old yellows are very thing, several layers were required for good coverage, so I heartily recommend using the new line of Citadel Base and Layer yellows! 

The Chaos Stars were painted in firstly using a slottabase as a guide for the circle. Then the “rays” were sketched in as single lines. The star was beefed out and made looking chaotic after that. 
I used Warplock Bronze as the stars were supposed to be gold (I always use Warplock Bronze/Tin Bitz as a base for my gold). You can use silver, black or whatever colour you want your dedication to the dark gods to be! 

I hope this has been informative! 

/The Warsmith


I Finally Won A Challenge!!!



So Toxic and I have been gaming together for a while now and there have been very few times where I have tasted victory, so after the first week of the Allies Index Fantasy Football League and beating him in the head to head, as well as taking first place overall, it feels pretty good…even if I did steal his QB.

He, and the rest of the Allies are now free to challenge me to a game of something that we can both play in some way either via console, steam, skype or what have you.

The Fermentors Picks Up Victory over Orcland Raiders

The Fermentors registered the highest score this week to beat Orcland Raiders 125.66 to 95.46. Each squad put on a show in prime time. The Fermentors had an excellent Sunday night with 36.76 points on SNF (29% of their total score) and Orcland Raiders put up a solid Monday of their own with 24.76 points on MNF (26% of their score). Orcland Raiders had two players rank highly this week. Marshawn Lynch scored 24.40 points (110 Rsh Yds, 2 TD) while Carson Palmer put up 21.06 (304 Pas Yds, 29 Rsh Yds, 2 TD). Orcland Raiders third-round draft pick Keenan Allen contributed nothing, getting 3.70 points this week. On top of the loss, Orcland Raiders had a starter score zero points (the Ravens Defense). The Fermentors starts off the campaign in first place, while Orcland Raiders starts out in sixth place.

Montee Ball had plenty of chances for The Fermentors, but he logged just 3.3 yards per touch.

The Fermentors gets The British Cylons (0-1, 110.44) next week, while Orcland Raiders matches up against Nighthawks (0-1, 68.38).

Next week I take on Sarah, which is set to be a seriously tight affair, and going to be hilarious with us being glued to the points as they roll out.

The Fermentors Faces Off With The British Cylons

After racking up the highest score in the league last week, 1st-place The Fermentors (1-0, 125.66) faces off against 5th-place The British Cylons (0-1, 110.44). It’ll go down to the wire, with The Fermentors favored to win by just 3.32 points.

This is the first of two matchups between the teams. Their next scheduled meeting is in Week 9.

Both teams will look to hit their projections again after beating them a week ago. The Fermentors topped their 93.94-point projection by 33.8%, while The British Cylons scored 16.7% more than their projected 94.60. The Fermentors will start Le’Veon Bell (7.90 projected points) on Thursday night, while The British Cylons has Dennis Pitta (11.30 projected points) and Justin Tucker (11.00 projected points). Two of the three other league matchups open on Thursday.

The Fermentors has a pronounced advantage at QB, where they’re projected to outscore The British Cylons 21.54 - 15.62.

I picked up a new Tight End in Allen Dwayne to try and get some more points from that postion, despite him playing for the Indianapolis Professional Football Team…


Really enjoying having the Fantasy Football this year and can’t wait to see how the season goes, as well as how brief my stint at the top of the league and AI champion will be.

- Darth Sebious





Chaos Beastman by Deathshead13

Found some of my old art supplies and decided to dust them off.

He kinda turned out looking like a werewolf with goat horns but im still pretty happy with it. I did it in halves cos i have a tendency to rest my hand on the page when im drawing and didnt want to smudge it into oblivion.

I have always had a soft spot for the Chaos Beastmen. They always seem to get overlooked.

If you have a favourite underdog or forgotten character/army from anything (40k, WHFB, D&D etc) send me an ask and ill try to draw them up for you! :)

Hope you like him. 

Stay Awesome!!

This is wonderful mate!

Gotta love some Beastmen, though I did prefer it when they were lumped in with all the other Chaos, though I suppose there is a lot more variety now.

Something I would love to see you draw would be a beast of Nurgle, as they are just such happy, joyous, deadly puss puppies.

Please do share any other of the characters with us.

- Darth Sebious

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